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Eastern Grains Inc. has been involved in feed grains for several years. Barley, oat and wheat for animal feed were our major market. With market closing down on us we decided to take a different approach and look at other options to better differentiate ourselves on the market and seize better opportunities.

With the addition of a new storing, drying and cleaning facility we now have access to a growing diversified market which will bring more possibilities for growers of north western New Brunswick and Maine. New possibilities on the human and industrial use are now open to growers. Milling oat, milling wheat, IP conventional soybean, malting barley and canola for industrial use are a few examples. Inquire for more details on the opportunities and contract available at Eastern Grains Inc.

Milling Oat:

Certain varieties are better suited than others when delivering oat for the milling grade, be sure to check with us as varieties may change from time to time.

The major requirements to achieve good milling oat are:

High groat content (milling quality)      

Low oil content  

Heavy bushel weight (38 lb/bu Win.)

Plumped kernels

Low moisture (13 %)

No live or dead insects

No trace of pesticide, chemicals or odours

Milling wheat:

Specific varieties are used in the different mills but most of the millers are looking for these requirements:

≥ 12.5% protein

≥ 250 falling number

≤ 14.5 % moisture or less

≤ 2 ppm toxin

Human grade soybeans:

Ask us on the possibilities to book a contract with an interesting premium.

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