Eastern Grains Inc. started its operations in 1976 under the name Robert Thériault. Robert grew up in the 50’s on a beautiful mixed farm located in Drummond, New Brunswick, Canada, also known as the northern most point of the potato belt of N.B. The people of Maine call our parish God’s country due to its good productive lands.

After attaining his Business degree in 1967 at University of Moncton in New Brunswick, Robert gathered experience in different business ventures, but never lost sight of his real dream - farming. In 1976, he found an opportunity to make the move. He purchased a mixed farm where he produced both potatoes and seed grain.

In 1979, he decided to specialise his activity strictly in seed grain production. He then processed his seed into cleaned and graded seed that he self-marketed. Expansion of the grain operation occurred the next year with the installation of seed grain storages. Other additions followed to the point where in 1983 a new corporation under Terio Seeds Ltd. was formed to take care of the marketing aspect of all seeds.

In 1986, a cleaning facility was built to improve quality and ensure larger capacity of seed preparation. Grain storages, new buildings and farm equipment were added in response to increased production and demand for quality seed.  More land was purchased in 1996 to allow a greater rotation of seed grain production with potato farmers.

In 2003, the addition of his son Eric to the farming operation led to the incorporation of Eastern Grains Inc.

Since then, Eastern Grains has built more storage capacity, acquired more farm land and increased production capability. The addition of a new grain facility (drying, cleaning, storing, scaling) has enable Eastern Grains to be more efficient and produce better quality for specific markets that are becoming more demanding. Eastern Grains has also been aggressive in accessing new seed varieties focussed on better performance and specific markets. We now buy a fair portion of the grain production being grown in north western NB and Maine.

Today, Eastern Grains Inc. is well known in our region for their quality products and services. Let us show you the difference!

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